Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Acer Landscaping’s Green Initiative

Sustainable practices and a commitment to zero-emissions landscaping helps us do our part to protect the environment without sacrificing the quality of our service.

Acer Landscaping is committed to reducing our use of gas-powered machinery and vehicles. It is our goal to significantly cut the amount of emissions we expel working on landscaping and yard maintenance jobs, and to lead the charge of eco-friendly landscaping in Nanaimo.

Doing Our Part

A portion of our landscaping services are now performed using an electric vehicle and battery-powered landscaping equipment. We’re working to increase that portion all the time.

With the use of high-quality, battery-operated tools, and by transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles, Acer Landscaping is working towards:

  • Cutting environmentally harmful emissions
  • Reducing noise pollution
  • Decreasing risk of injury with lighter, safer, & more efficient tools

“We’re committed to the environment, and to protecting our natural resources for the generations to come.”

Steve Woodhouse
Owner, Acer Landscaping Ltd.

Other Eco-Friendly Solutions

Here are a few more ways that Acer Landscaping is fulfilling our commitment to provide sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping.

Divider graphic of a landscaping team mowing a lawn

Committed to Electric

Electric/battery-powered equipment and vehicles are at the heart of our goal to reduce emissions. As the technology improves we adopt more and more electric tools into our fleet.

Solar-Powered Shop

We’re working on a solar array at our shop to handle nearly all of our shop power consumption. We also filter and collect our rooftop rain water to water plants and wash equipment.

Tools In Top Shape

We’re always looking for newer, more efficient, and more environmentally-conscious tools. Our equipment is kept in top condition, which also helps to keep emissions down.

Recycling & Reusing

Our recycling procedure includes processing garden refuse collected from job sites. Garden waste is recycled as soil, while invasive content is used for commercial and industrial energy production.

Educated Staff

Our staff are aware of the environmental impact we make, and work to lessen their own footprint. We regularly review and adapt our procedures to meet our environmental goals.

Easy on the Gas

We’re very mindful of fuel and lubricants. Tools are refuelled carefully and in appropriate locations. 2-stroke fuel is mixed properly, while vegetable oil lubricates our equipment rather than petrochemicals.