About Us

Acer Landscaping at a Glance

Since we started in 2009, Acer Landscaping has been on a mission to provide Nanaimo property owners with great yard care and unparalleled customer service.

The size of our crew and our fleet of equipment have both grown since those early days. Now we’re one of Nanaimo’s largest landscape contractors, and care for some of our area’s biggest outdoor maintenance and installation projects.

We started as a man with a mower, and have steadily continued to build up our staff, equipment, and skills in order to provide the best service possible.

A History of Hard Work

The philosophy behind Acer Landscaping is simple:

Focus on exceptional service and top-notch customer care, and business will follow.

It’s always been our goal to become the benchmark in the Nanaimo landscaping market. Today we lead the way through high standards, a keen attention to detail, and sustainable environmental practices.

Aiming to be the best it isn’t always easy work, but we are proud of the work we do in our community. We’re also proud that the vast majority of our work still comes by way of customer referrals.

A big-time company with a small-town work ethic.

Acer Landscaping may be one of Nanaimo’s largest landscapers, but our friendly approach means your project won’t get lost in the weeds.

That’s because we’ve never lost track of what’s made us successful: hard work and exceptional customer service.

Working with Acer Landscaping

Here are some of the ways we’re working to provide unrivalled customer service.

Divider graphic of a landscaping team mowing a lawn

Large Team, Quick Response

Acer Landscaping is a large, established company. Our large staff base can be mobilized quickly for emergency and high-priority work, and in some cases can respond within an hour.

Dedicated to Nanaimo

We only service the Nanaimo area, so our staff are always concentrated in town. Crews carry cell phones and can be pulled from their scheduled duties if the need arises.

Customer-First Approach

Acer Landscaping is built on hard work and customer care. We aim to be the benchmark through quality service and sustainable environmental practices.

Committed to Safety

Staff are regularly trained and tested on safety practices, and provided with detailed guides, safety policies, and procedure manuals. Our trucks are well-stocked to promote site safety.

Ready to Work

Weekly vehicle safety and equipment operation checks keep our equipment safe and operational. If a tool fails inspection, it’s tagged, noted, and out of use until properly repaired or replaced.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We’re a limited company licensed in Nanaimo, BC. We are up to date on all WorkSafeBC regulations, and can provide all relevant registration and license numbers upon request.