Grounds Maintenance

Lawn cutting, garden care, trimming, & more

Help your property look great and run smoothly with our comprehensive landscape maintenance programs. Perfect for strata housing, residential developments, commercial lots, or any property that needs to look the part.

Custom Maintenance Programs

No two landscapes are the same, and every property we work with has different challenges and goals. It doesn’t make sense to have a one-size-fits-all approach to garden and grounds maintenance.

That’s why our grounds maintenance programs are always customized around the needs of your property.

After meeting with you and visiting the property, we will supply a thorough proposal that outlines how we can help make your property shine.

Get the Most From Your Budget

We know how important it is to work within a budget. This can be especially critical when developing grounds maintenance programs for large commercial properties or multi-residential units.

One of the ways Acer Landscaping can help save you money is by providing a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor needs.

Thanks to our large crew and extensive range of equipment, you only need to give us a call to help with nearly any outdoor project that comes up. That means no more time wasted hunting down other contractors.

With our years spent working on all sizes of landscapes in Nanaimo, we have the experience and expertise to get the most out of your financial plan.

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What’s Included In a Landscape or Grounds Maintenance Program?

While no two maintenance programs are the same, there’s no doubt our work will keep your property looking neat, tidy, and beautiful. All grassy and planted areas will be kept healthy, thriving, and aesthetically pleasing.

But our maintenance programs provide much more than green grass and well-maintained gardens.

By fine-tuning our services to develop a custom maintenance program built for your needs, we can make the very best of your landscape’s design and intended use.

For example, your property may benefit from:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed and pest control
  • Garden bed edging
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Debris removal
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Snow removal

Example Grounds Maintenance Program

Below we’ve provided an example of what a comprehensive grounds maintenance program may look like for a commercial or multi-family residential lot.

Click or tap the headings below for details. When you’re ready, get in touch to discuss your own maintenance needs.

  • Grass Care & Lawn Maintenance

    • Cut and trim lawn areas on a regular schedule, with schedule changes based on the season
    • Alternate mowing patterns where possible to help eliminate wheel ruts
    • Remove all grass clippings from lawn areas
    • Clear sidewalks and patios of grass clippings
    • Remove all clippings and debris from the property
    • Edge all lawns to remove grass growing over walks, paved areas, curbs, around open tree and shrub bases, etc.
    • Aerate grass areas, with cores left on grass surfaces and all other surfaces cleared of debris
    • Power-rake (aka “dethatch”) grassed areas to remove the tight matting of thatch
  • Garden Maintenance

    • Weed and cultivate garden beds on a regular basis to ensure a premium landscape appearance
    • Clear of all leaves and debris from garden beds after weeding
    • Remove of dead flower heads (“deadheading”), with all debris removed
    • Scarify/cultivate all open tree beds (including weed control)
    • Weed gravel walk areas using chemical or hand methods
    • Maintain natural areas by cutting down excessive tall grasses, salal, etc.
    • Pick-up and removal of large windfall/debris
    • Control seasonal invasive plants, such as blackberries and broom
  • Tree & Shrub Care

    • Prune and trim shrubs and plants to promote healthy growth and give maximum aesthetic effect
    • Allow blooming plants the opportunity to show well before being trimmed
    • Trim trees of dead, diseased, or damaged wood
    • Prune ornamental trees to keep them shapely and under control
    • Perform seasonal pruning/trimming with an overall clean up (typically in the late Fall)
    • Pruning of trees/shrubs outside of normal maintenance, if required
    • Pruning of large specimen trees, if required
  • Fertilizing & Pest/Disease Control

    • Fertilize lawns and grassy areas to keep nutrient levels in an acceptable range, using fertilizer types and ratios suited for the conditions
    • Apply lime in the Spring and Fall, with moss control as required
    • Apply and spread soil and grass seed, if required
    • Fertilize plants and shrubs with the appropriate products, incl. specialized fertilizers for specific plants to ensure good health and growth
    • Observe proper horticultural and ecological practices with all fertilizer and chemical use at all times
    • Use only proper and approved materials to fertilize plants and control weeds, with an emphasis on minimal usage of such materials
    • Monitor sites on a regular basis to ensure prompt treatment and minimal damage
    • Take an eco-friendly approach whenever possible if infection is detected (including such methods as introduction of ladybugs to combat aphides)
  • Irrigation Maintenance

    • Thoroughly check irrigation systems for control functions, leaks, valve problems
    • Adjust sprinklers to ensure proper irrigation head and nozzle coverage (to the best of the system’s ability)
    • Replace batteries on all controllers, and review/adjust timers for proper operation
    • Make recommendation regarding improvement of the system
    • Provide a mid-season overall test of the sprinkler system and make all necessary adjustments
    • Repair and adjust the irrigation system, as required, in a timely manner
    • Note: both minor irrigation repairs (i.e. sprinkler nozzle or head replacement) and major repairs (including new installations) are available
    • Winterize irrigation systems at the end of the season (shut down, turned off, and lines blown out)
  • Seasonal Maintenance

    • Clean-up all leaves and debris after the final Autumn shedding of leaves
    • Schedule storm debris clean-up based on the heaviest concentration of debris
    • Provide on-demand clean up of windfall and other seasonal debris
    • Plow snow from driveway and walk way areas by hand and by machine