Irrigation Systems

Installation & repairs for all types of sprinklers

Is your irrigation system watering all the right areas? From new installations to repairs and maintenance, we’ll take the hassle out of maintaining your sprinkler system.

Acer Landscaping offers a complete range of irrigation and sprinkler services to enhance your landscape. We continue our tradition of high standards by using only the highest quality irrigation products on our job sites.

And as an eco-conscious landscaper, we also focus on maximizing the efficiency of sprinkler systems. By avoiding wasteful over-watering, we can do our part to watch our environmental footprint and protect our natural resources.

Our Irrigation Services at a Glance

Here’s a quick overview of the various irrigation and sprinkler system services offered by Acer Landscaping:

  • Fully-automated underground sprinkler system design and installation
    (pop-up sprinklers, rotors, impact sprinklers, etc.)
  • Water-conscious drip/micro irrigation system design and installation
    (1/4" micro tubing, soakers, bubblers, etc.)
  • Maintenance and adjustment programs on annual/seasonal schedules
  • Spring start-ups and optimization
  • Fall winterization (blow-outs)
  • Additions/renovations to existing irrigation systems
  • Trenching and excavating of irrigation and drainage lines
  • Water feature construction

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New Irrigation System Design & Installation

Whether you’re just breaking ground on a multi-home development or adding a new system to an old lot, we have you covered!

Our team includes experienced irrigation specialists who can measure, plan, and design your entire watering system. We’ll design an irrigation system that is effective, water-smart, and suited to your budget.

And when it comes time to lay pipe and get water flowing, we’ll be there complete with trenchers, shovels, and probably quite a few PVC fittings.

TIP If you have other landscaping projects to complete, why not take advantage of our complete range of landscaping services while we’re on site? You’ll save time, hassle, and money by bundling your projects together.

Green front lawn on a residential lot, with a spraying pop-up sprinkler watering the grass
Rotor-type sprinklers are great for lawns, and retract when not in use

Expanding & Improving Existing Irrigation Systems

  • Has your garden grown beyond the capabilities of your system?
  • Are your shrub sprinklers hidden behind new growth?
  • Are your pop-up rotors watering the driveway and not much else?

We can help! We’ll work with you to:

  • Review and educate on the limitations of your existing sprinkler setup
  • Make adjustments to what you already have
  • Build on top of the system to bring water to new areas.

We can also provide recommendations on improving your existing irrigation system. For example, you may be able to improve the efficiency of your system by leveraging new technologies, which in turn lessens the environmental (and financial) impact of over-watering.

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Irrigation Maintenance Programs

Acer Landscaping also provides ongoing irrigation repairs and maintenance through our Grounds Maintenance programs.

Below we’ve outlined some of the areas where we can help ensure your irrigation system is running at its best.

  • Repairs, Maintenance, & Calibration

    Over time you may find that your irrigation system is missing areas, which causes dry patches in your lawn or garden. This could be caused by debris in the system, accidental or deliberate damage, or by heads falling out of calibration.

    We can review your setup and make repairs, adjustments, and replace faulty parts as needed. Any irregularities will be accounted for (such as sloped areas or plant growth) to ensure water is properly distributed throughout the property.

  • Automatic Timer Setup

    Although there have been improvements to automatic timers over the years, some models can still feel like programming a VCR from 1988. In other words, they’re not all that user-friendly.

    Fortunately, we’re well-versed in all makes and models of irrigation timers. We’ll help configure your automatic timer so you can trust it to work when and as expected.

  • Spring System Start-up

    To get the most from your irrigation system, it’s important to ‘wake-up’ your sprinkler system. Remember to prepare for the hot weather before the sun starts beating down.

    Book a Spring Start-Up, and we’ll thoroughly check your system for control functions, leaks, valve problems, proper head/nozzle coverage, and more. We’ll replace the batteries on all controllers, and adjust your timers to ensure proper operations.

  • Winterization & Blow-Outs

    Winterizing your system in the Fall prevents unexpected repairs in the Spring. Here on Vancouver Island, you must blow all of the water out of your sprinkler lines in the Winter to avoid damaging them.

    Even though Nanaimo has a relatively mild climate, your irrigation pipes can still freeze. When this happens, ice in the lines causes the pipes to expand, ultimately leading to cracked and split water lines.

    The act of “blowing out” sprinkler lines requires experience and technical know-how. If you miscalculate the volume or pressure of the compressed air in the system, you run the risk of damaging the system.

    Count on Acer Landscaping to ensure your sprinkler system survives even the coldest Nanaimo weather!

Large lawn area of a commercial property is watered with underground pop-up sprinklers
These pop-up sprinkler heads are designed to thoroughly water the flower beds and retract when done

Reasons to Install a Sprinkler System

From water conservation to ensuring you get the best out of your lawn and garden, there are many good reasons to consider a professionally-design and installed underground sprinkler system for your home or commercial property.

  • Enhance the beauty and health of your lawn and garden
  • Provide optimal water coverage on gardens and lawns
  • Protect the investment you have made in trees, plants, and shrubs
  • Increase your ‘curb appeal’ and resale value before selling
  • Improve water conservation and avoid over-watering
  • Conserve water and limit runoff and wasted resources by watering at ideal times of day
  • Control individual sprinkler “zones” to provide different watering levels to different areas
  • “Set and forget” your irrigation timers for automatic watering (great for when you’re on vacation)

Stop fighting with hose kinks! Forget about constantly re-positioning sprinkler heads! Put your watering can back in the shed!

With a professional underground or micro irrigation system, you’ll enjoy year after year of reliable, cost-effective performance. Watering can not required.