Meet Steve Woodhouse

Owner of Acer Landscaping

Hi there! I’m Steve Woodhouse, owner of Nanaimo’s Acer Landscaping. Keep reading to learn a little bit about myself.

Before starting Acer Landscaping way back in 2009, I’d already built up over 20 years of experience in all aspects of landscape construction, maintenance, and nursery work.

In those early days, Acer Landscaping was very much a one-man operation. It all started with me and my mower, and I focused mainly on small residential landscaping and grounds maintenance jobs.

We’ve grown a lot as a company since then!

Steve Woodhouse, owner of Acer Landscaping, cutting concrete slabs with a gas powered saw
That’s me, cutting some slabs in preparation for a concrete patio. I’m still very much a hands-on guy.

Our staff, services, and fleet of equipment have grown considerably, and we continue to expand. We now maintain the grounds and irrigation systems for 30+ commercial facilities and multi-unit residential developments in Nanaimo. We also care for over 60 municipal locations.

I built Acer Landscaping by providing the best customer service possible, and that mission still guides everything we do today.

And because we’ve always focused 100% on Nanaimo, we can respond quickly to our clients’ needs with people and equipment.

If any problems or concerns should arise, I can be reached via cell phone 24 for immediate response. Emails are checked every evening.

An old newspaper ad for Acer Landscaping sitting on a rich wooden background
An old newspaper ad from way back. We’ve grown a lot since then, but our work ethic hasn’t changed.

Of course, I enjoy time away from work as much as the next guy! When I’m not out coordinating “the troops”, you can usually find me taking the family out for adventures while pulling a trailer loaded with outdoor toys and gear. Fortunately, I now have an incredible team of people that I trust to uphold the high standards we’ve become known for.

Thanks again for your interest and support of Acer Landscaping. If I can help answer any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Steve Woodhouse
Owner & Founder of Acer Landscaping Ltd.