Fences & Garden Structures

Enhance your space with the look of real wood

Wooden structures such fences, arbours, trellises, and pergolas can add a combination of functionality and striking good looks to your landscape.

Sometimes the structures we build have a specific purpose, or are erected to solve a problem. A perimeter fence around a residential lot, or a commercial garbage dumpster enclosure, for example, both solve specific needs.

Other times, we build structures for decorative reasons, like a lattice for vines to ascend, or a wooden frame to hold business signage.

But regardless of the reason behind the build, we look at these jobs as an opportunity to create something beautiful. There’s just something classic and timeless about the way our custom wooden structures look and feel when they’re done. (Maybe that’s why we enjoy building them so much!)

Residential backyard with a custom cedar fence and free-standing pergola
This residential backyard has been outfitted with a custom fence and free-standing pergola

Common Garden Structures

There are many different types of wooden structures Acer Landscaping can build to enhance your landscape.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most common structures we build:

Custom Fencing

Our custom wood fences are the perfect blend of function and beauty. Using locally-sourced wood, such as red and yellow cedar, these structures are as striking as they are useful.

We can build custom wood fences to delineate residential and commercial property lines, encompass work spaces or storage lots, and even create aesthetically-pleasing enclosures to hide garbage bins or other unsightly areas.


A wooden trellis is made up of strips of intersecting or interwoven wood (called latticework), and typically used to support climbing plants or vines. The latticework can have have a variety of appearances and styles.

Adding a trellis to your garden is a great way to provide natural privacy screens using vines, climbing shrubs, and plants.


The gateway into your garden! Wooden arbours are standalone structures, often with an arched top. Arbours provide a small amount of shade, but are more decorative than strictly functional.

We regularly incorporate a plant-supporting trellis/lattice into the structure, which results in a beautiful and natural tunnel-like entranceway.


Pergolas are used to shade walkways, decks, or any outside space that you need to cool down. Rather than have a solid roof, pergolas use a wooden framework to provide shaded-but-open spaces, such as around a sitting area.

Like arbours, we often design pergolas to support plants and vines that have the desire to climb.

Residential backyard garden with a short wooden retaining wall and custom fence built in Nanaimo by Acer Landscaping
Here we've reclaimed some unusable space in a backyard with a custom cedar fence and short wooden retaining wall

Benefits of a Custom Garden Structure

Incorporating a custom fence, arbour, or trellis can provide the following benefits and more to your landscape:

  • Increase Security
    A custom wood fence can help discourage unwanted access way and increase the security and comfort of your property.
  • Add Rustic Beauty
    The natural wood grain of a custom cedar garden structure combines a practical elegance with a timeless appeal that’s right at home on Vancouver Island.
  • Provide Shady Areas
    Keep yourself cool and out of the sun by gathering under a custom wooden pergola. You can even hang lights and stay out all night!
  • Enclose Your Space
    Wood fences are a great way to keep animals and children contained on your property and out of harms way.
  • Add Value
    The beauty of a custom wooden structure on your landscape is sure to increase the resale value and desirability of your property.
  • Promote Privacy
    Stay away from the prying eyes of your neighbours or passers-by with thoughtfully-built and placed wooden structures.

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Built for Island Living

The wooden structures we build often use materials sourced locally on Vancouver Island, such as red or yellow cedar. And like everything else we do, we put in the time and work to make sure our structures are built to last.

Of course, the rainforest landscape we’re surrounded by in Nanaimo means we need to carefully consider how our wood structures are built. We build them to stand up to both time and our inclement ‘Wet Coast’ weather.

If you have an idea for a garden structure, Acer Landscaping has the experience to build it right for our unique Vancouver Island climate.